“Come Follow Me”:  Fundamentals of Christian Discipleship


Class Details

Teacher:  Darren Williamson

Location: Southwest Church of Christ, small auditorium

Dates:  April 11 - May 16, 2021 (no class on April 18 ) Revised class time.

Time:  5:30-8:00pm

Course Fee:  There is no course fee.  Instead, please consider making a donation to support the NWSD program when you take a class.  Recommended donation is $30.


Class Description

Come Follow Me Is the introductory class in the NWSD curriculum.  This six-week course offers an overview of the concept of discipleship that is explored in more depth in the rest of the courses.  The class is open to anyone who wants to explore discipleship regardless of age, education, or spiritual maturity.  Come Follow Me begins with examining the biblical definition of discipleship and then proceeds to explore its three main components:  Know Jesus, Love Jesus, Share Jesus. 

Know Jesus.  We will explore Christ’s nature as divine and human, his mission of teaching and role as suffering Messiah, his current heavenly session, and His glorious second coming.

Love Jesus.  We will survey Jesus’ essential teachings about the Kingdom of God and discover that loving Jesus means accepting his Lordship, learning his teachings, and obeying them fully.

Share Jesus.   We will grow in the conviction that genuine disciples of Jesus are also disciple makers and learn how we as a church & individuals can become disciple-makers.


Class Structure & Required Textbook

At each class meeting we will sing a few hymns that connect with the daily topic, study the scriptures using an interactive lecture and discussion format, and participate in a guided time of prayer.   Every participant should have a good print copy of the Bible in a standard translation and a notetaking journal.  Recommended Bible translations are the English Standard Version, New American Standard Version, or New International Version (1984 edition).  If you plan to take several NWSD classes, you should invest in the English Standard Version Study Bible. 


As noted above, there is no fee for D3 courses in the NWSD.  Instead, we ask that you consider making a donation to support the ministry of the NWSD each time you take one of the discipleship courses.  

The recommended donation for this course is $30.   You can make a donation by paying online by clicking on the "donate here" button below.  Select the menu “NWSD classes and programs”;  you can also donate by check made out to the Southwest Church of Christ with “NWSD class” written in the memo line.  Since space is limited to around 40 participants, please sign up for the class only if you are committed to attending and plan to participate for the entire six weeks.  Register by filling out the registration form below.



Covid-19 Precautions

Below are the Covid-19 precautions in place for this class.  Our approach is moderate and takes the general CDC recommendations and reasonably adapts them to our particular teaching context. 

  • Stay home if you are sick.  If you have any symptoms consistent with Covid-19, please stay home and do not come to class and expose others unnecessarily. 

  • Wash your hands.  Upon arriving at class, please wash your hands thoroughly, or use the hand sanitizer provided in the foyer and classroom.

  • Physical Distancing.  Please comply with physical distancing as much as possible while at class (avoid hand-shaking, hugs, or extended close contact with others not part of your household).    Seats will be set up 6 feet apart. 

  • Face coverings.  Please wear a face covering when you are walking around before class, during breaks, and after class when it is not easy to maintain physical distancing.  To facilitate good communication and dialogue in the class, face coverings are optional when you are seated at your physically distanced seat.  If you are not comfortable with the optional face covering approach and still want to take the class, please consider using an N95 mask.

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