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Ancient Words: The Power and Promise of the Bible
April 22, 2023

Southwest Church of Christ, Tigard, Oregon

The Bible is the most amazing book in world history because it reveals the power of the the one true God and conveys his amazing and loving promises to his creation.  But, what exactly is the message of the Bible and is it reliable?  The answer is a resounding, "YES"!  

This seminar is designed to inspire and educate the community about the message of the Bible and give us confidence that we can base our entire lives on its message. 

Seminar Schedule

Saturday (April 22)

Session 1  - 1-1:45pm – The Heart of the Bible


Session 2 - 2:00-2:45pm – The Reliability of the Bible (pt 1): the Inspired Word 


Session 3 - 3:00-3:45pm – The Reliability of the Bible (pt 2):  The Preserved Word 


Session 4 - 4:00-4:45pm – The Clarity of the Bible  


Sunday (April 23)

Session 5 – 9:00-9:45am – The Sufficiency of the Bible  


Featured Speaker:
Dr. Jesse Robertson

Jesse Robertson serves as an associate professor and associate dean in the College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University. He has degrees in both theology and mechanical engineering, including a Ph.D. in New Testament from Baylor University. At Harding he teaches courses in Greek, biblical interpretation, Old & New Testament texts, and theology. He has preached for churches in Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee, and now he and his family attend the Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas, where he serves as an elder. He is especially interested in helping people to see God revealed as they read the Bible, and to share what they learn with others.

Jesse Robertson.pic.jpg

Bible Lands Museum

As an added bonus to the seminar, the Bible Lands Museum will set up its travelling display at the Southwest Church of Christ Building in the days preceding the seminar.  Members of the community can come and enjoy the museum free of charge as they learn more about the power and promise of the Bible.   Tours of the display are self-guided and appropriate for all ages.  Call ahead and let us know you are coming (503-620-0221) or just stop by during display hours.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Display Hours
April 19 - 1-5pm
April 20 - 1-5pm
April 21 - 1-5pm
April 22 - 12-4pm

Bible Lands Museum.picture.png
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