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What's the basic idea?

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Students from around the country join an intentional community of Christian young people at the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, Oregon.  Together in this community you will…

  • Grow.  You will grow as a follower of Jesus as you study the Word of God under the guidance of experienced and mature Christian teachers.  Some of the classes in the program are college-accredited courses.  You will leave the program with some college credit that you can transfer to a college or university of your choice.  You will also have a personal mentor who meets with you weekly to invest in your life and provide you spiritual and personal support. 

  • Connect.  You will be living with host families who welcome you into their homes and encourage you throughout the program.  You will develop deep and close friendships with the other Project Antioch students and get to know lots of people in the area churches.  And yes, you will have plenty of time for fun!

  • Serve.  You will serve the local community through intentional outreach in the Portland area and other parts of the Northwest.  In fact, every Friday is a service day where you will "wash the feet" of the church and community through a variety of service opportunities.

  • Share.  A big part of being a disciple is sharing Jesus with others, and in this program you will participate in the evangelistic ministries of the Southwest Church of Christ.  In April you will go oversees to help with a mission effort and see what the world looks like in other places. 

  • Experience.  Through project Antioch you will experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through planned excursions to natural wonders like the Oregon Coast & Cascade Mountains as well as major West Coast cities such as Seattle and Victoria, B.C and of course, Portland.  The opening team-building exercise is a challenging and rewarding multi-day trek in the Cascade Mountains.

What will we be studying?

You will be studying the Bible and other subjects that will directly help you as a disciple of Jesus.   Below is a list of the classes in the program that were offered the first year.  Note:  CITE courses are college accredited courses.   D3 courses are discipleship courses that are very beneficial but not offered for college credit.  

Term 1 (Sept-Nov)

  1. Come Follow Me: Fundamentals of Christian Discipleship (D3). 

  2. Christian Ethics (D3)

  3. Love the Lord with all your heart: Growing in the Spiritual Disciples  (D3). 

  4. A Ready Defense: Christian Apologetics (D3).  

  5. Story: Introduction to the Christian Worldview (CITE BIBL 1103)


Term 2 (Jan-March)

  1. The Community of the Spirit:  Acts 

  2. Train yourself for Godliness: The Pastoral Epistles (D3).   

  3. Wisdom and Worship in the Old Testament (D3).  

  4. Make Disciples of all Nations:  Effective evangelism and disciple-making (D3).  

What are the dates of the program?

The first term begins in early September and ends just before Thanksgiving.  The second term starts in early January and runs to around mid-March.  Then, you will go on a capstone short term mission trip.   

First Term – (September – November)

Second Term – (January – March)


Mission Term –  Mission Experience (April)

Graduation Ceremony - around Easter


What is the Mission Trip?


Last years capstone mission was to serve those whose lives had been greatly impacted by the historic and destructive tornados that tore through Arkansas and Kentucky in December 2021.  Project Antioch students worked in Benton, Kentucky partnering with Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team and the Walnut Grove Church of Christ.

For 2023-2024 we will select a mission site together as a group during the first month of the program.  

How much does the program cost?

The total cost for the program (including room & board, tuition, mission trip, and extra expenses) is around $5000-6000, depending on your individual circumstances.  The cost of Project Antioch is much lower than other comparable Christian gap year programs, especially considering you will be earning some college credits and can apply them toward a future degree program.     

Paying for this program still will require a personal investment and some fundraising.    Click HERE for a full breakdown of expenses.

NOTE:  A scholarship is available for 2023-2024. Ask Darren for more information. 

Dollar Bills

What do i do after Project Antioch?

The beauty of Project Antioch is that it is a short program designed to be a stepping stone to the next stage of your life, whatever that might be.  In fact, if you are wrestling with what to do after high school this "purposeful pause" might help you sort some of those things out.  Graduates of PROJECT ANTIOCH will earn a Certificate in Christian Studies and be prepared for a variety of pathways after completing the program. 

  • Some of you, inspired by the mission experience, may choose to return to explore their options to enter the mission field. 

  • Others of you, confident in your faith and ready to reach out, will continue on in a local congregation and use your gifts to serve the body of Christ and help your neighbors know Jesus.  

  • Some of you will utilize the college credits and go on to a 4-year college program. 

  • Still others of you may decide that tech or trade school is for you and pursue that career path. 

Whatever the direction you choose you will have a mind rigorously shaped by the Biblical worldview and practical skills that will help you honor God with whatever you do in life.

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Trailblazer Class Destinations

The eight students from the 2021-2022 program are headed off to the AIM Program (missions), trade school, the workforce, community college, Harding University, Freed Hardeman University, and Grand Canyon University.

How do I sign Up?

To apply, follow these basic steps.

1. Discernment. Talk about the program with your parents, pray and ask God's wisdom about your decision. 

2. Complete Application. Click on the button below and download the application form and print it out.    

3.  Apply. Scan the completed form and send it via email to Darren Williamson (Program Director) at 

2021-2022 Year in Review 

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