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Transformative Teaching Program

The foundational component of the school is Biblical education.  The teaching program offers challenging and faith-affirming classes designed to increase believers’ knowledge of Holy Scripture, inspire love for Christ, and prompt disciples to obey all that Jesus commanded. 

Classes in the NWSD are conducted at a variety of times and locations in the region, utilizing a cohort of dedicated teaching fellows who support the school’s statement of faith.  Classes are available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners, and formats vary from weekly instruction and weekend intensives to one-day seminars.  Classes might meet weekly at a church building or monthly at someone's house.  They might be conducted in the Cascade Mountains on a hike or at a one day seminar at a church building or church camp.

Biblical discipleship requires knowledge of God and his Holy Word and stands at the heart of the NWSD.  We pray the teaching program strengthens churches in the region.

The Northwest School of Discipleship offers two different kinds of courses:

Discipleship Courses (D3) 

D3 courses are the standard course offered through the NWSD and emphasize three keys to discipleship:  knowledge, affection, and obedience. D3 courses are taught by one of our teaching fellows who has a particular passion for and knowledge of a particular area of discipleship. 


A typical D3 course will involve around 20 hours of instruction and be offered one day a week for 8 weeks.  D3 courses may be at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels, but they all require a commitment to attendance, homework, and accountability.   


College Accredited Courses (CITE)

Some NWSD courses are offered for college credit through a special arrangement with Oklahoma Christian University (OC) and are taught by qualified instructors with the appropriate academic credentials.  These courses are called CITE courses in honor of the Campbell Institute for Theological Education, the ministry that merged with the NWSD in January 2021.  CITE courses are OC catalogue courses that require assessment (quizzes, tests, papers, etc.) and become part of a student’s official college transcript upon completion.   

When you sign up for a CITE course, you will be registered as a special OC student who is taking the course here at the NWSD.  After successfully completing the class, your credits will be hosted at OC and can then be transferred to any college or university that will accept them.  CITE courses have been successfully transferred to Christian colleges as well as Oregon State University and can seamlessly contribute to a degree you might seek at Oklahoma Christian University.  CITE courses may be audited.

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Association of Christian Schools International
Continuing Education Units

The Northwest School of Discipleship is an approved provider of Continuing Education Units in Bible for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  If you are a Christian School teacher who needs CEUs and would like to take a NWSD course for those credits, please contact the director and see if an upcoming class will serve your needs. All CITE Bible courses will satisfy the requirements for CEUs.

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