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What is
Project Antioch?

Project Antioch is the gap year initiative of the NWSD, named after the spirit-filled and dedicated community of disciples in the book of Acts who changed the world by their dedication to following Jesus. Project Antioch seeks to raise up another generation of Christians in the spirit of Antioch by bringing together young men and women from all over the country for a 9-month season of spiritual growth, Biblical worldview training, hands-on ministry, and a capstone mission/service experience in a unique setting.

Project Antioch graduates emerge equipped for service and ministry with clarity about God’s calling for them. Whatever the next phase of their lives may be, whether college, work, or something else, we believe they will have a greater impact on the Kingdom because of their time in Project Antioch. This program exists to raise up generations in Jesus Christ.

Core Elements


PA Recap 2023-2024

"What can I expect to get from this program?"

Students from all over the country join an intentional community of Christian young adults at the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, Oregon. Together, you will grow spiritually, connect with other Christian families in the church, serve in the community, participate in evangelistic ministries, explore the beautiful nature on hikes and excursions, and much more.

Colorful Notebooks

Meet the 2023-2024 students

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