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Emerging adults are increasingly looking for purposeful opportunities to serve Christ and be strengthened in their faith during the time immediately following High School (a gap year).  Many of these young people need mentoring and guidance and desire something different than the typical college experience to help them transition into adulthood. 


Project Antioch is the gap year initiative of the NWSD, named after the spirit-filled and dedicated community of disciples in the book of Acts who changed the world by their dedication to following Jesus. Project Antioch seeks to raise up another generation of Christians in the spirit of Antioch by bringing together young men and women from around the Northwest and beyond for a 9-month season of spiritual growth, Biblical worldview training, hands-on ministry, and a capstone mission/service experience in a unique setting.


After this intense season, Project Antioch graduates go on to the next phase of their lives (whether college, work, or other) equipped for service and ministry and with clarity about God’s calling for them. We pray Project Antioch firmly establishes a new generation of young people in the Lord.

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